Architectural studio Nuova

Architectural studio Nuova, based in Zrenjanin, works on architectural and urbanism projects and interior design. Through work with clients, users and experts from various fields, studio Nuova creates innovative and original design solutions. We are always looking for clear, unique, and efficient ways to achieve the best results using modern construction methods, materials, and products.
It is dedicated to the mission to contribute to the quality of life in the built environment through architecture and design, keeping in mind the principles of sustainability and energy efficiency. The project process was skillfully monitored by our team, and the accent was on respecting deadlines and budgets.

Our Services


Making of urbanism plans and projects for parceling and re-parceling, merging plots of the same owner. Urbanism projects is made for one or more cadaster plots on a certified cadastral-topographic plan, or for parts of cadastral parcels, and in that case, it must contain the planned parceling.


Architectural design services we offer are combination of your wishes and our experience. At the first meeting, the project task is defined, purpose and functional settings are identified. After obtaining the necessary information and developing a conceptual solution, the project itself is developed.


Interior design

Interior design takes place in several stages of development. At the first meeting, project task is defined, and stylistic and functional settings are identified. Information about the object and photos of them are desirable. After that, our team goes out on the field and collects all the necessary information.

Our Clients